Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sensori X Con Design House - Habitation [beat compilation]

Our good friends at Sensori Collective teamed up with our good friends at Con Design House & some dope Southern California producers to make a GREAT beat tape! Check it out below & get yourself a free digital download! You can also order limited cassettes & t-shirts while supplies last. Don't sleep!


B3Nbi x DÜNGA x gabonano - El Segundo Grito

Our Wizards Only brethren DÜNGAgabonanoB3Nbi just dropped a new beat tape entitled "El Segundo Grito", their second audio installment of commemorating Dia Del Grito [Grito De Dolores], otherwise known as Mexican Independence Day. Needless to say, they came correct on each & every track as the project flows through various south-of-the-border sample flips. Check it out below & grab yourself a free download while your at it!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dre Trav & 18sense. - CALiens

If you've been following us here at PWC then you're probably already familiar with Wats Today?'s Dre Trav & Bold Print's 18sense. While 18sense. has already made his presence known as a well-rounded wordsmith, he takes the production seat on CALiens as Trav smoothly paints each canvas presented with what could be compared to a based & blunted MF DOOM type of delivery. Being recently nominated for Best Hip-Hop Album by the San Diego Music Awards, Dre Trav proves exactly why as each track pulls you through a head-nodding & humbling journey. All it takes is one listen & you can truly hear the caliber of Trav not only as an artist but as a human being with each introspectively eye-opening verse. 18sense makes a strong vocal appearance on the track "Qwest" & the project also features a jazzy collaboration with PWC/Apex Realms's own L-TEC! If our words haven't done enough to sell you at this point, it's probably best that you just press play & let the journey begin. CALiens  is definitely one to keep in your catalogue & has the perfect vibe to round out the remainder of these summer days.


Sunday, June 8, 2014

PWC - Life Like Luminescence [prod. Gabonano]

Producer Gabonano of the Wizards Only fam just dropped this quick banger of a track that we recently got together & recorded. The production of the track is a collaboration of Gabo & Justin Truelove, while some of our favorite emcees such as Ricky Gutz & Okie Dokes (a lot more) handle the mic the way they do best. Peep it below & keep your neck brace equipped!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

MC² - The Love EP

Today, we are pleased to present you The Love EP by PWC's very own MC². This EP is a culmination of love-infused tracks over a handful of Beatzilla produced tracks that emcees Loki & Johnny Complex have reportedly been sitting on for about 6 years or so. The quick, fun & heartfelt project also feature's verses from Apex Realm/PWC's own L-TEC & Skelly! Full of insighful ideals on relationships (as well as a few baggage bearing tales), The Love EP is sure to be an engaging audio experience for hip-hop heads & music lovers alike. Enjoy!


Danny DaBeat'O - MusicOphilia

Producer Danny DaBeat'O has compiled another quick boom-bap filled project, MusicOphilia, with the help of some of our very own rapping cohorts. We'll let this serve as a bit of a teaser for the full-length release we've been silently prepping to drop on you all early next month. (wait? what? did he say a full-length PWC drop is right around the corner?) ...yup, I sure as sh*t did & I GUARANTEE you that you're not gonna want to sleep on this next one! For now, vibe out on this & prepare thyself for the full course meal stewing up.


Friday, June 6, 2014

18sense. - cognitive dissonance EP

I can't recall if we've posted any of his work during the somewhat short life of this blog, but SoCal emcee/producer 18sense. has been hot on our radar for some time now. With what has to be one of the most consistent deliveries in hip-hop right now, it's always a cause for excitement when we get word of a fresh drop from the Bold Print representative. Cognitive Dissonance is a smooth, introverted & overall good-natured EP in which 18sense. shuffles between written raps, freestyles & even a bit of singing to shed some unfiltered insight on the struggles of life & uplifting views on how to change it. Cited from the album info;

"we live in this world where we dont like the conditions, but we wont do anything to change it. caught up in between what and what not to believe. believe in yourself & humanity and evolve together."

That alone should be enough to have you interested in what else the young artist has to say over a beat. Follow the link below & take a listen, then grab it for $2 once you decide it's a firm fit in your hip-hop catalogue!


Wizards Only - The Pixar Chronicles

The Wizards Only crew is back at it with another heat packed compilation, The Pixar Chronicles! They seem to have reverted back to their cartoonish themes for this one, deciding to use strictly Pixar samples this time around. From start to finish, we have no doubt that you'll be both intrigued & excited by the way this ghastly group of producers decided to weave their way into some of our favorite "kid friendly" films that have come out over the past decade or two. Give it a listen below & download it FOR FREE once you decide it's gotta stay in your rotation! Trust us, you will.


Skelly Sküll - Crisis EP

PWC's own Skelly dropped his Crisis EP at the beginning of last month & if you haven't heard it yet, then you might want to hop on that now-ish. We've always known Skelly to be an innovator & he does not disappoint as the self-produced 4-track showcase takes you through an introverted & electronically wired experiment from the moment you press play, with inspirations stemming from seemingly endless mediums. It's fast. It's slow. It shouts. It sings. It mourns. It celebrates.. & with the vast amount of textures & deep concepts being portrayed, it definitely has the ability to inspire. Whether it be laying down a hip-hop verse or belting our a heartfelt ballad, it doesn't take long for you to realize that this man definitely has a way with his words. Check out the Crisis EP by following the link below & if/when you decide you need that on repeat, download it for FREE!


Thursday, June 5, 2014

Rossi - The Storm

Let me start off by apologizing for our extended hiatus. We've been hard at work as of late, doing what it takes to take our camp to great new heights (& sometimes that entails hiding under a rock), but we're back now with hands full of the fruits of our labor, as well a bunch of new info on what's next to come! First, we'll do a bit of backtracking to March, when San Diego emcee Rossi (formerly known as DeafSteady  Rock) dropped what we believe to be his first full-length release, The Storm. The project starts off with the bass-heavy single "No Rings", which also has visuals (posted below). A little further into it, you're greeted by some classic head-nodding boom bap vibes courtesy of San Diego producer Kahlil Brandon & Rossi's steady delivery is definitely nothing to discredit in the matter either. The track Dead Weight Madonna features production from PWC's own Skelly Sküll & that one's definitely nothing to sleep on! With a more than strong finish to boot, The Storm is undoubtedly worth a listen & if you've got $5 you can make it yours using the link below!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ahmal D. - Planetrokk [VIDEO]

In the midst of all the recent Super Bowl madness, Ahmal D. geared up to drop some fresh visuals for his single Planetrokk. The song is undeniably smooth & the crisp video work is just the icing on the cake. We've been following Ahmal here for some time now & while we're not exactly sure what's next to come from him, we're definitely ready & waiting!

Go Yama - Hypochondriatics

Producer/guitarist GO YAMA has been a crowd favorite for us here at PWC for some time now & we were both shocked & upset to find out that his laptop was stolen recently. There have been many valiant efforts to get both the equipment returned as well as to raise money for a replacement if all else fails, including a BANGER of a track from TimeLess One (posted below). Now Go Yama has dropped Hypochondriatics, an  album consisting of 10 enchanting & in-depth sample-based singles that he managed to snag before his laptop was stolen. The craziest part about it is.... it's still FREE! So please show your support & drop a few dollars towards a great cause & get this insanely gifted musician back on his feet.